Lauren Jonik


Shoot Like A What?

When I made the transition from shooting on film to using my digital camera, one of my first forays was photographing a concert of an excellent, but now-defunct, local band on New York's Lower East Side. Having not even glanced at the manual, I dove in head first and promptly found myself face to face with doubt. In the midst of the show, I glanced over and saw one of my friends, a talented photographer in his own right, also shooting the show. I began to wonder why I was even attempting. Momentarily closing my eyes and inhaling, I heard a distinct directive run through my mind: "shoot like a girl." In that instant, everything shifted. I realized that we each see the world uniquely and that infusing the element of femininity into my images is part of how I both see the world and relate to it, whether with my camera or without.

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